6 Exercises to Incorporate Resistance Bands into Your Workout

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A resistance band is a great addition to any workout given how versatile and effective they are. The bands are easy to access, affordable, and can be used at home to tone without impact. Some of the best low impact exercises are outlined below with an explanation of how a resistance band can be integrated to them!

Front Squat

A front squat is an easy and low impact exercise designed to tone the lower body. For beginners that don’t already own a band, consider purchasing the Limm Resistance Bands Exercise Loops. These bands are available at a low cost and come with multiple strengths to gradually increase the intensity over time.

To make this exercise effective the band will need to be placed underneath the feet. Then, with both hands on the loose end of the band, begin to stretch the arms above the shoulder while propelling the body upward. This movement should be completed in repetition as a way to build leg strength.

Leg Extension

Another lower body exercise that can be completed with a stretch band are leg extensions. To complete the movement the band will need to be looped around a secure post or anchor to prevent it from moving while in use. Once it’s secure, step into the loop so the other end of the band wraps around the leg. When the leg is moved back and forth it creates tension in the leg to help define the muscles.

Bench Press

To complete a bench press with a stretch band you will need to securely attach it to an anchor or item that prevents it from moving while in use. Once secure, lie facing upward with both hands on the free end of the band. Press the band upwards by slowly extending the arms straight overhead in repetition.

This exercise is a great alternative for homeowners that don’t have access to equipment or gym’s seeing as the movement mimics a bench press.

Forward Raise

To improve the strength of your shoulders consider trying a forward raise with a stretch band. For this exercise, you’ll need to stand on the middle of the band with the feet shoulder width apart. Once in this poison, grab the free ends of it to stretch the arms directly outward repeatedly.

For a higher impact exercise, its recommended to complete this movement with shorter bands such as the Exercise Fitness Resistance Band Mini Loop that will build more tension in the movement resulting in a harder workout.

Overhead Press

The overhead press is similar in its forms to the forward raise. Just like the forward raise, the exercise is used to help tone and build muscle in the shoulder and arms. However, the difference with an overhead press is that it requires the thumbs to be facing each other while the arms are lifted directly above the head. For quicker results, its recommended to practice this movement in combination with others for a full body impact.

Concentration Curl

A great way to tone arms and build muscle in the biceps is to practice concentration curls with stretch bands. To complete this movement, fasten the band to an anchor or secure under your foot to keep it from moving. Then, simply grab the free end of the band with the palms facing upward and slowly bend the forearm towards the shoulder making sure to switch sides once a repetition is complete.

Ultimately, resistance bands help to improve workouts by making it easier to tone. Without the use of a band individuals may not be getting the most out of their workouts.

Do you use resistance bands in your workout? What are some of your favorite exercises?





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