Jump Start Your New Years Resolution: Simple Exercises to Get a Great Workout Right at Home

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2019 is almost here, are you ready?! Maintaining an active lifestyle is part of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Check out these exercises and inexpensive equipment we’ve compiled to help you achieve your 2019 goals.

Exercising has never been more accessible or simple with the help of stretch bands, portable peddle machines, and home dumbbell sets! Not only can these devices be stored in a compact area, but when they’re used regularly it can help to tone and provide a full body work out all from the comfort of your own couch.

This article highlights a few inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment you can purchase as well as a couple exercises you can do right at home!


Stretch Bands

A stretch band is a cost-effective piece of gym equipment that can easily be integrated into any home gym. A stretch band is typically made of flexible rubber that comes in the shape of a loop.

When used, the band helps to create tension, in turn, working the muscles through resistance training. If you’re interested in a band to add to your home collection, consider the Fit Simply Resistance Loop for its low price and high customer reviews.  

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Bicep Curl Exercise

The most important exercise that you can complete with a stretch band from the comfort of the couch is a bicep curl. Overtime, this exercise will help to define and build strength in the bicep of an individual.

To complete the curl, the bottom half of the hand band should be placed under the feet with the top half holding on. Based on personal preferences, individuals can then curl their arms upwards to create a bend in the arm. Ultimately, helping to target the muscle and define its appearance over time.

Row Boat

Another common exercise that can be completed from the couch with a stretch band is a row boat. A row boat is similar in its form to a bicep curl, expect it uses two hands opposed to one. This can increase the intensity of the workout and help to better the results.


Portable Pedal

The second device that can allow a person to work out from the comfort of their couch is a portable pedal. A portable pedal is a small piece of workout equipment that can help to move both the upper and lower body while they remaining completely seated.

This is an ideal piece of equipment for people that have to remain seated for long periods of time due to work or who may be limited in their mobility. If you’re curious to see how a portable pedal can impact your workouts, consider the Portable Pedal Exerciser by Vive as it one of the highest reviewed and most effective models available.


Just as the name of the device suggests, the portable pedal will allow those using the device to pedal. This can be an ideal solution for those that cannot get outside to bicycle or may not have access to a stationary bike.

Rather, the expertly designed mechanisms of the device will be able to mimic the motions of a standard bike to move the muscles in the same manner. This can have an impact on the individual’s health as they will be more inclined to work out while they are seated. In turn, helping them maintain their activity levels regardless of their environment.

Leg Lifts

A second exercise that the device allows people to complete while remaining on the couch are leg lifts. To complete this exercise, the individual will need to place the device slightly further away from them while they are seated. Then, in repetition, they should flex the foot to reach the pedal and press down.

Based on their personal preferences, this should be completed in repetition until their work out is complete. This helps to build strength in the calf and define the leg muscles from the comfort of the couch.

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Home Dumbbell Set

You can snag these dumbbells from Tone Fitness for just $39.99 on Amazon! The set comes with a few different weights so you can start low and gradually increase your weight as you become stronger. The dumbbells feature a durable neoprene coating that is great for indoor and outdoor use.


A great exercise you can do with the home dumbbells are squats. Grab whichever weight you’re comfortable with, hold the weight vertically and grip the top with both hands. Stand with both feet flat on the ground and slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Hold the weight at chest level and squat down until your hips are lower than your knees, or as far as you’re comfortable going!

Triceps Curls

Working your triceps can be difficult for some. An easy place to start is by using a 2lb weight and start by holding it up and behind your head with both hands. You’re going to lift the weight, extending it up above your head completely and back behind it.

This exercise helps to build the back of your upper arms. It can be performed with lower weight to tone, or higher weight to build muscle.

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Ultimately, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be difficult without the help of effective gym equipment. But effective doesn’t always have to be expensive! Given how important it is to maintain our health, consider investing in equipment that can be used from the comfort of your couch. Have other suggestions? Want to share your favorite workout with us? Leave a comment below!

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